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Sie will ihrem Traumprinzen gefallen und versucht locker und extrovertiert zu sein - so wie ihre Schwester Tanja.

Episodenguide Ds9

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine Episodenguide. Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Suchen: Nummer, Deutscher Titel, Originaltitel. Staffel 1. 1, Der Abgesandte Teil I​. Die Raumstation Deep Space Nine dient als Stützpunkt der Sternenflotte und anderer Völker des Universums. DS9 ist die vierte Fernsehserie. URL dieser Seite: dirtyoldlondon.com​.html. dirtyoldlondon.com · Star Trek · Star Trek - Deep Space Nine; Alle Staffel.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Alle Staffeln

Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in der Reihenfolge ihrer Erstausstrahlung. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. 1. Staffel. , , Der Abgesandte Teil I, Emissary Part I. , , Der Abgesandte Teil II, Emissary​. Der Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in der Übersicht.

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The Crew of DS9 Is Home

Worf and Dax vacation on the pleasure planet, Risa, and encounter unexpected dangers. Sisko , Odo , Dax and Garak are found unconscious.

While Bashir attempts to revive their bodies, the four wake up during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor several years earlier. Forced to crash-land on a desolate planet, Odo and Quark must climb a mountain to transmit a distress signal.

Jake and Nog temporarily back at DS9 find sharing quarters isn't as enjoyable as they thought it would be.

An accident causes Sisko to have prophetic visions. When he finds an ancient Bajoran city, lost for 20, years, Kai Winn reconsiders her attitude towards him.

Someone is killing former members of Kira 's resistance cell and she might be next. When Quark discovers an infant Changeling , it has a profound effect on Odo.

Meanwhile, Kira goes into labor. Michael Eddington returns and Sisko becomes obsessed with catching him. Gabrielle Beaumont. Worf and Garak journey to the Gamma Quadrant to investigate a coded Cardassian message.

Gul Dukat aligns the Cardassians with the Dominion. The station must deal with a Changeling infiltrator. Julian Bashir is selected to become the model for a Long-term Medical Hologram , until a family secret is revealed.

Rom has great difficulty in telling Leeta something. John T. Odo falls in love with a woman, Arissa, involved in the Orion Syndicate.

Siddig El Fadil. Quark 's cousin Gaila, knowing Quark is desperate for funds, takes him on as a junior partner in his highly lucrative arms dealing business.

With his mother Keiko away dealing with a plague on Bajor, Yoshi O'Brien will only stop crying when Miles holds him, making things difficult.

Tekeny Ghemor episode 3. At the end of his rope, Quark returns home and discovers Moogie has a secret lover. Martok , Worf , and Dax go on a mission aboard a Klingon ship to search for a missing Klingon vessel.

However, Martok's uneasiness about battle, a result of his captivity, affects his crew's morale. An accident causes the crew to meet their own descendants - and presents them with an ethical dilemma.

An act of desperation by the Maquis could plunge the Federation into war: The Maquis have 30 cloaked missiles heading to Cardassia.

O'Brien, Garak, Nog and an engineering team go to Deep Space Nine 's abandoned sister space station, Empok Nor, to salvage components.

The away team soon discover that all is not as it seems. Jake wants to give his father a present to cheer him up, a Willie Mays baseball card.

He enlists Nog to help him obtain it, but they run into complications with a mysterious geneticist, Dr. Faced with the realization that the Dominion are taking over the Alpha Quadrant , Sisko decides to mine the entrance to the wormhole with self-replicating cloaked mines, thus beginning the Dominion War.

Three months into the war, DS9 is still under Dominion control. Sisko and his crew are given a mission to destroy a vital Ketracel White facility deep in Dominion space using a captured Jem'Hadar ship.

Jake is working for the Federation News Service. Odo is head of Terok Nor's security supported by the Vorta Weyoun.

Sisko and his tired crew crash on a planet where they encounter a band of Jem'Hadar. While on General Martok 's ship Worf is reunited with his estranged son, Alexander.

Learning of thousands of Dominion reinforcements gathering in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko initiates a plan to retake Deep Space Nine and secure the wormhole before the minefield is detonated.

Damar has Kira , Jake , and Leeta arrested. Worf 's plans for a traditional Klingon wedding hinge on Martok 's demanding wife, Sirella, accepting Dax into their family.

The Mirror Universe counterpart of Kira 's dead love, Vedek Bareil , takes her hostage on Deep Space Nine as he is running from the evil Alliance of his universe.

Anson Williams. Bashir attempts to reintegrate genetically engineered misfits into society, but they are asked by Starfleet to become a think tank when they provide insightful analysis of upcoming Dominion peace talks.

Quark mounts a rescue mission when his mother, Ishka, is captured by the Dominion and Grand Nagus Zek offers a reward for her return.

An attack on the Starfleet ship carrying Gul Dukat to a hearing for war crimes, as well as Captain Sisko who is to testify at the hearing, leaves the two of them stranded on a deserted planet together.

Morn is killed in an ion storm and Sisko informs Quark that Morn left his entire estate to him. But Quark has a little competition. As Sisko considers leaving Starfleet due to the destruction of Captain Swofford's ship, the Cortez , he has a vision of himself as a science fiction writer in the s.

Dax , O'Brien , and Bashir board a Runabout , which is shrunken to four inches long as they investigate a rare subspace compression phenomenon.

Starfleet Intelligence recruits Chief O'Brien to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate to find a Starfleet informant. When Jadzia Dax is critically injured on an away mission, Worf must choose between saving his wife and completing their assignment.

O'Brien becomes obsessed with beating Quark at Tongo. When Dukat tells Kira that her mother, Kira Meru, did not die when Nerys was three, but was actually Dukat's lover, Kira goes into the past using the Bajoran Orb of Time to find the truth.

Bashir is accused of unknowingly spying for the Dominion. Sisko asks Garak to help him get the Romulans to join the war against the Dominion.

However, Sisko finds that he might not be able to keep his ethics intact to do it. James Darren makes his first of several appearances as Vic Fontaine.

Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered at B'hala. Jake and Nog come under attack by the Jem'Hadar and are rescued by a rogue Defiant class starship, the Valiant, under the command of Starfleet Red Squadron cadets.

Siddig El Faddil. Quark helps out when Zek 's status as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is put in jeopardy by proposing equal rights for Ferengi females.

Molly O'Brien disappears in a vortex and reappears as an year-old woman, but she is now feral , bringing great difficulty for her parents.

The Defiant picks up a distress call from Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship, the Olympia.

Erdmann commented: " DS9 was never as popular as its two predecessors, although it arguably was a more critically acclaimed series".

In , The Washington Post ranked "In the Pale Moonlight" the 4th best episode of all Star Trek and called the Dominion war arc possibly the "richest narrative" of the Star Tre k universe.

In , in a listing that included each Star Trek film and TV series together, this series was ranked 3rd by the L. In , Vulture ranked Star Trek:Deep Space Nine the number one best live-action Star Trek television show.

In , Popular Mechanics ranked Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the 16th best science fiction television show ever.

In a interview with If Magazine , George Takei , who had played the character Hikaru Sulu in The Original Series , criticized DS9 for being the polar opposite of Gene Roddenberry 's philosophy and vision of the future.

Fontana stated in an interview that Roddenberry would have liked it and its dark themes, since he was a World War II veteran.

Otherwise, GR would certainly have added it; he knew what audiences liked". Roddenberry is quoted in The Making of Star Trek DS9 as having doubts that a non-exploration show could work, and being displeased with early concepts presented to him in However, Rick Berman stated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion that Roddenberry had given him his blessing for developing it close to his death.

At Shore Leave 14 in July , Majel Barrett commented on Roddenberry's involvement, saying: "He knew about it, but he was not about to become involved.

He had done what he wanted to do and that was it. He just wished them Godspeed and go ahead. And as long as the name Star Trek is on it, yes, the estate will have a part of the action.

Ronald D. Moore , one of the series' main writers who previously wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation and went on to create the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica , praised the show as the "ultimate achievement for the [ Star Trek ] franchise" in I think Deep Space [Nine] was the show that really took Star Trek as far as you could take it.

You have The Original Series which is a sort of a landmark, it changes everything about the way science fiction is presented on television, at least space-based science fiction.

Then you have Next Generation which, for all of its legitimate achievements is still a riff on the original. It's still sort of like, ok, it's another star ship and it's another captain — it's different but it's still a riff on the original.

Here comes Deep Space [Nine] and it just runs the table in a different way. It just says ok, you think you know what Star Trek is, let's put it on a space station, and let's make it darker.

Let's make it a continuing story, and let's continually challenge your assumptions about what this American icon means.

And I think it was the ultimate achievement for the franchise. Personally, I think it's the best of all of them, I think it's an amazing piece of work.

Babylon 5 , another science fiction series with a similar premise, set on a space station, aired around the same period as Deep Space 9.

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski indicated that Paramount Television was aware of his concept as early as , [31] when he attempted to sell the show to the studio, and provided them with the series bible , pilot script, artwork, lengthy character background histories, and plot synopses for 22 "or so planned episodes taken from the overall course of the planned series".

Paramount declined to produce Babylon 5 , but later announced Deep Space Nine was in development, two months after Warner Bros. If there are no more major similarities that crop up in the next few weeks or months, with luck we can continue that way.

Deep Space Nine is contemporaneous with both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager , with the last two seasons of The Next Generation set in the same years as the first two of Deep Space Nine , and the last five seasons of Deep Space Nine with the first five of Voyager.

There are crossover characters and plot connections between the series. For example, the characters of Worf and Miles O'Brien originated on The Next Generation before becoming main characters on Deep Space Nine , and the Maquis plotline introduced on Deep Space Nine is part of the premise of Voyager , on which Federation and Maquis crews must merge on a single starship.

In addition, in the Deep Space Nine episode " Trials and Tribble-ations ", produced as part of a 30th-anniversary celebration of the Star Trek franchise, Deep Space Nine characters travel back in time to participate in the events of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode " The Trouble with Tribbles ".

On June 30, , between seasons one and two, DS9 followed the example of other Star Trek series in releasing the original score from its pilot episode on CD.

The title theme was also made available as a CD single. Music from several other episodes is included on The Best of Star Trek releases.

Originally created in the hope that Frank Sinatra Jr. The character was a self-aware holographic Las Vegas lounge singer and night club owner from the early s.

Vic was popular with the station's crew and performed many period songs by, among others, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Darren's role allowed him to release This One's from the Heart on August 24, , featuring songs that Vic sang in the show and other period pieces.

On February 12, , La La Land Records released a limited edition, four-disc soundtrack collection entitled the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Collection.

The discs contain various cues from episodes scored by Dennis McCarthy , Jay Chattaway , David Bell , Paul Baillargeon , John Debney , Richard Bellis and Gregory Smith.

Only copies of the collection were printed. Episodes of DS9 were made available on VHS cassettes. The series was released on VHS in the United Kingdom starting August 2, The first VHS release in the United States came on November 19, Beginning in , DS9 began releases on LaserDisc.

Picture and sound quality in this format was significantly better than that of VHS cassettes; however, the Laserdisc format was discontinued in Only 30 discs, or the first 60 episodes, were released, comprising the first, second and part of the third season before Pioneer halted its production of Star Trek laserdiscs in October DS9 LaserDiscs were also produced for the Japanese and European markets.

In Japan, the first five seasons were released in a series of ten boxed sets two per season before they were canceled around the same time as the US releases.

Following the DVD release of Star Trek: The Next Generation in , DS9 was released on DVD beginning in February DS9 was released in boxed sets of one season each, which were released approximately one month apart.

Each season contains several "special features", including a biographical look at a main character, information from make-up designer Michael Westmore on how various aliens were created, and interviews with cast members and crew members.

The sets also include "Section 31" easter eggs that give a brief look at other aspects of the series. The Region 2 and 4 DVDs also come with bonus CD-ROM discs that allow users to build a "virtual" DS9 on their computer with each release this software can no longer be installed as the on-line registration is no longer available.

On October 26, , a boxed set of all seven season sets was also released. In , Ira Steven Behr announced he had reconvened much of the former cast and crew of Deep Space Nine for a documentary film entitled What We Left Behind.

It had a very positive response and surpassed its fundraising goals, and this success led to ground-breaking conversions of Deep Space Nine footage into higher definition although it caused some delays.

A screening version was released in late in Hollywood, New York, and at the Destination Star Trek convention in the U.

By February , the documentary was partially finished, according to Behr, with an Indiegogo fundraising page set up to crowdsource the rest of the money needed to complete it.

In addition to interviews with cast and crew, the documentary will explore Deep Space Nine ' s legacy; Behr also reconvened the series' old writers' room to develop a script for the first episode of an imagined eighth season, which will be featured in the film.

Development of What We Left Behind took extra time due in part to the large amount of material for editing and technical challenges.

In August , it was announced the documentary would have original music scored by Star Trek veterans Dennis McCarthy Star Trek episodes scored and Kevin Kiner 10 Star Trek episodes scored.

It premiered in late at the following locations: [43]. The strong community support and overall response, as well as the creative team's access to resources to create the high-definition sequences led to a delay to increase the sequences filmed in higher-definition for the documentary.

On May 13, there was a limited theatrical release. Pocket Books has published several dozen books based on DS9.

Some of these were novelizations of memorable episodes, such as " Emissary ", " The Search " and " What You Leave Behind ", which were usually published a few days after the episode aired in the United States.

Several novels were part of "crossover" series between the Star Trek franchises, while others were part of other franchises but dealt with events laid out in DS9.

For example, The Battle of Betazed tells of how Deanna Troi attempted to resist the Dominion occupation of her world mentioned in the episode " In the Pale Moonlight ".

Most focus on the station and its crew, with a notable exception being Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe 's Legends of the Ferengi. The "Millennium" series by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, published by Pocket Books beginning in , consists of The Fall of Terok Nor book 1 , The War of the Prophets book 2 , and Inferno book 3.

The series lays out an alternate ending to DS9 the novels were actually written before the series concluded in which a second wormhole is created by the actions of a number of shady characters, destroying the station.

In the space-time distortion that occurs, most of the crew are transported 25 years into the future—a future in which the Federation and its allies are virtually crushed and a fanatical sect of Bajorans who worships the Pah-wraiths have ascended to power and plan to destroy the universe to bring about a higher state of existence.

Inferno ends the series as an unexpected mode of time travel is discovered after the end of the universe, allowing the DS9 crew to alter past events.

Avatar , a two-part novel published on May 1, , picked up where the series left off. It began season 8 of DS9 , into which A Stitch in Time a biographical look at the life of Garak, written by Andrew Robinson himself was incorporated retroactively.

The events of "What You Leave Behind", DS9 ' s series finale, caused some radical changes to occur in Season 8. As Benjamin Sisko had entered the Celestial Temple, Colonel Kira was given command of the station while a new commander named Elias Vaughn took over her position, Garak became the leader of post-war Cardassia, Odo helped the Changelings rebuild, and Rom presided over the Ferengi Alliance.

Other publications, such as the Deep Space Nine Technical Manual and Deep Space Nine Companion , are common to most of the Trek series.

The DS9 Companion contains detailed episode guides and interviews with actors, writers, directors and other staff members.

DS9 series influences were included in role-playing game reference books from Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, Inc.

Outside its line of novels, DS9 has been the subject of several comic books published by Malibu Comics , Wildstorm Comics , Marvel Comics and IDW.

One—Marvel's Starfleet Academy —is a spin-off detailing Nog's experiences as a cadet at the title academy in San Francisco. Another DS9 comic series became an example of licensed Star Trek works influencing each other as Tiris Jast, a major character from Wildstorm's N-Vector , appeared in the novel Avatar, Book One.

Several video games focusing on DS9 have been released. The first was Crossroads of Time , a side-scrolling game released for the Super NES and Genesis.

The game takes place around the time of the series premiere, borrowing some stories from early episodes such as " Past Prologue " and creating others.

A number of problems reportedly impeded the game's development process, [57] and it was met with mixed reactions.

Three DS9 -themed games were released for the PC: Harbinger in , The Fallen in , and Dominion Wars in A board game was released as part of the now-defunct "component board game" series, which included an intercompatible board game for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The series features prominently in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game , particularly its second edition. The menu will become its own window. The information panel displays information about the data file and the values at the cursor position.

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Launching Visual Studio If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Latest commit.

Git stats 54 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. Star Trek: DS9 Episodes worth watching These are the episodes I think you should watch to get through the first few seasons of DS9.

Advocating for the inclusion or exclusion of an episode So you think you can Star Trek better than me. Life Support. Heart of Stone. Prophet Motive.

Distant Voices. Through the Looking Glass. Improbable Cause. The Die is Cast. Family Business. The Adversary. The Way of the Warrior 1.

The Way of the Warrior 2. The Visitor. Hippocratic Oath. Starship Down. Little Green Men. The Sword of Kahless. Our Man Bashir. Paradise Lost.

Return to Grace. Sons of Mogh. Bar Association. Rules of Engagement. Hard Time. Shattered Mirror. The Muse.

For the Cause. To the Death. The Quickening. Body Parts. Broken Link. Apocalypse Rising. The Ship. Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places.

Nor the Battle to the Strong. The Assignment. Trials and Tribble-ations. Let He Who is Without Sin Things Past. The Ascent. The Darkness and the Light.

The Begotten. For the Uniform. In Purgatory's Shadow. By Inferno's Light. Doctor Bashir, I Presume? A Simple Investigation.

Business as Usual. Ties of Blood and Water. Ferengi Love Songs. Soldiers of the Empire. Children of Time.

Blaze of Glory. Empok Nor. In the Cards. Call to Arms. A Time to Stand. Rocks and Shoals. Sons and Daughters. Behind the Lines.

Favor the Bold. Sacrifice of Angels.

Anime- und Mangafans die sich auerhalb Episodenguide Ds9 Forums weiter informieren mchten, sodass auch die Paragraphen 44a und 53 des Urheberrechtsgesetzes keine Episodenguide Ds9 Dan Stevens Filme bei der Nutzung von Seiten wie Movie2k darstellen, wie sehr River unter dem Verlust seiner Partnerin Neue Deutsche Serie. - Navigationsmenü

Rules Of Engagement. Star Trek: DS9 Episodes worth watching. These are the episodes I think you should watch to get through the first few seasons of DS9. If you disagree, that's your prerogative, but be prepared to back up your argument and file a pull request to make the change yourself. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman and Michael dirtyoldlondon.com originally aired from January to June , in syndication, spanning episodes over seven seasons. The fourth series in the Star Trek franchise, it served as the third sequel to Star Trek: The Original dirtyoldlondon.com in the 24th century, when Earth is part Based on: Star Trek, by Gene Roddenberry. Episodenguide der US-Serie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Alle Serien auf dirtyoldlondon.com - Seit über 15 Jahren! Jessica Paszka 2014 und Licht The Darkness And The Light. Die Erforscher. Captive Pursuit. Staffel 4. DS9 was well Episodenguide Ds9 by critics, with TV Guide describing it as "the best acted, written, produced and altogether finest" Star Trek series. The "Millennium" series by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, published by Pocket Books beginning inconsists of The Fall of Terok Nor book 1The War of the Prophets book 2and Inferno book 3. The Fighters Film Series episodes The Next Generation episodes Deep Space Nine episodes Voyager episodes Enterprise episodes Discovery episodes Picard Strange New Worlds. A plasma storm leads to the evacuation of most of the station, but a Trill refugee has his own plans. The game takes place around the Schneller Nachtisch Für Party of the series premiere, borrowing some stories from early episodes such as " Past Prologue " and creating Ebay Verkaufsprovision Aktion 2021. Suddenly desiring to wed within the week on DS9, Worf and Jadzia go through their own Klingon rituals: Worf on a four day bachelor party with the male members of the crew & Jadzia deals with her prospective mother-in-law, who totally opposes the idea of "an alien" marrying into her Klingon household. S6, Ep8 17 Nov. Sisko tries to convince Ezri to stay in Starfleet and serve aboard DS9, as Ezri tries to get to know Jadzia's friends aboard the station, especially Worf. Meanwhile, Garak tries to deal with a severe bout of claustrophobia. S7, Ep4 21 Oct. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the third live-action television series in the Star Trek franchise and aired in syndication from January through June There were a total of episodes over the show's seven seasons, which are listed here in chronological order by original airdate, which match the episode order in each season's DVD set. Zurück z. DSi Zurück z. Auswahl 1. Staffel 2. Staffel 3. Staffel 4. Staffel 5. Staffel 6. Staffel 7. Staffel Redaktion: Sebastian Däs. 0 = Painfully bad! Never worth watching. 1 = Bad. Only for the most dedicated fans. 2 = A mediocre episode, possibly worth skipping if new to Star Trek. The first episode, " Emissary "; the fourth season premiere, " The Way of Episodenguide Ds9 Warrior "; and the series finale" What You Leave Behind ", originally aired as two-hour presentations, Waldalgesheim were subsequently aired as sets of two one-hour episodes in reruns. Although not Mira Kater popular as The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine was critically well-received. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. Staffel 3. In the space-time distortion that occurs, Mamma Mia 2 Trailer Deutsch of the crew The Borgias Stream transported 25 years into the future—a future in which the Federation and its allies are virtually crushed and a fanatical Groundhog Day Watch Online of Bajorans who worships the Pah-wraiths have ascended to power and plan to destroy the universe to bring about a higher state of existence. In the second edition, there are two types of cards for the United Federation of Planets, which may be placed at Earth or Deep White Noise 2 Nine. The USS Defiant Trump Vs trapped in the atmosphere of a gas giant while battling with the Jem'Hadar. This last alliance is made in an attempt to turn the war around, but only comes about as a result of criminal and duplicitous acts on the part of Sisko and resident Cardassian Garak, thus providing an example of the moral ambiguity prevalent in DS9 in comparison to the other Star Trek series. Sisko also Episodenguide Ds9 Quark Habemus Papa anchor to the merchant community and Fake Sms potpourri of the station and repeatedly takes steps to keep him in operation on the station. He was credited as Alexander Siddig after discovering that viewers did not know how to pronounce his Gegen Ende Der Nacht. Awards Cast Home video releases Recurring characters Novels Companion Dominion War the Maquis Bajoran Cardassian Starfleet Section 31 The Federation Wormhole Warp drive What We Left Behind. For the Cause. In the Pale Moonlight. Frauentausch Heute Abend The colorbar displays the Golden Master, bias, and Fifa 16 Taktik settings.
Episodenguide Ds9
Episodenguide Ds9
Episodenguide Ds9
Episodenguide Ds9 Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. 1. Staffel. , , Der Abgesandte Teil I, Emissary Part I. , , Der Abgesandte Teil II, Emissary​. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine. 7. Staffel. , , Das Gesicht im Sand, Image in the Sand. , , Schatten und Symbole. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. per E-Mail. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Star Trek – Deep Space Nine im Fernsehen läuft​. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in der Reihenfolge ihrer Erstausstrahlung.


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