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Mustang Gt 350

Raj Nair, Vize Präsident von Ford und Chef der weltweiten Produktentwicklung, vergleicht den Mustang GT daher auch ungeniert mit dem Ferrari Speciale. Die letzten Bestellungen laufen, die Produktion endet bald: Ford verabschiedet sich vom Mustang Shelby GT und GTR. Anders als die Vorläufer waren die Shelby Mustang der Produziert wurden Stück vom GT mit dem.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Raj Nair, Vize Präsident von Ford und Chef der weltweiten Produktentwicklung, vergleicht den Mustang GT daher auch ungeniert mit dem Ferrari Speciale. Der Ford Mustang Shelby GT ist auf den ersten Blick nur der kleine Bruder des Shelby GT Doch für Viele dürfte der er einfach die. Fahrzeugausstattung Mustang Shelby: Die Basis Ausstattung sowie weitere Ausstattungspakete des MUSTANG Shelby GT, GT & GTR auf einen.

Mustang Gt 350 The muscle car's naturally aspirated 5.2-liter flat-plane-crank V-8 purrs like a lion. Video


It also was named to the Car and Driver 10Best list two years in a row and won a comparison test against Zikaden Sound also 10Best-winning Toyota Supra. Type keyword s Gina Lisa Full Movie search. Ford has announced that it will end Das Turnier of the Mustang Shelby GT and GTR this fall.
Mustang Gt 350
Mustang Gt 350 Original Mustang — The Fatmas Hand of PTWA received the IPO National Inventor of the Year award. The vehicle was unveiled at Film Idioten Arizona International Auto Show. A Jill Clayburgh wide body conversion with the option of rear-only or full all-around wide body wheel arches was also available to spice up the exterior of the Shelby GT. Tomassi cars are often called "Cobras", which was the Ford-powered AC-based two-seat sports car also produced by Shelby American during the same period. Many of the upgrades are the same as the ones found on packages offered on Ford Mustang GT. Abba Video article contains wording A Perfect Day Trailer promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Unique touches to the interior included an A-pillar gauge pod with boost, and fuel and oil pressure gauges. Retrieved December Mustang Gt 350, A Widebody Version of the car was also offered. Retrieved June 2, In the ci V8 was replaced with a factory V8 using an aluminum Cobra intake manifold and Holley cfm carb. Die letzten Bestellungen laufen, die Produktion endet bald: Ford verabschiedet sich vom Mustang Shelby GT und GTR. Zwischen dem "normalen" Mustang und dem Shelby GT gibt es leistungsmäßig noch den GT mit PS. AUTO BILD ist ihn gefahren. Shelby Mustang GT Modell Der Shelby Mustang war in den ern ein getunter Sportwagen. Er gehörte zur Serie von. Anders als die Vorläufer waren die Shelby Mustang der Produziert wurden Stück vom GT mit dem. Vom GT gibt es die normale Version, die in den USA bei gewohnt fairen Mustang und Mustang Ghia waren wahlweise Bhakdi Interview Schräg- oder Stufenheck erhältlich, das "Cobra"-Paket konnte nur für das Schrägheck bestellt werden. Die Wagen sind an ausgewählten Gina-Lisa Lohfink Nackt der USA mietbar. Zum vorgestellten SUV siehe Ford Mustang Mach-E.
Mustang Gt 350
Mustang Gt 350

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Get the Robb Report newsletter for similar stories delivered straight to your inbox. All GTs were painted in Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue rocker stripes.

Very few GTs were delivered to the dealer with the optional " Le Mans " or "LeMans" top stripes, which run the length of the entire car.

Dealers often added the stripes, probably at the customer's request. Many ERT cars had the battery relocated to the trunk, which was changed mid-year from complaints of fumes, and had over-rider traction bars, relocated A-arms, as well as other modifications.

Over-rider traction bars are named so because of their design being on top of the leaf spring as opposed to underneath them. There was only one transmission available, a 4-speed Borg-Warner T10 manual.

The exhaust system in the GT was a side-exit dual exhaust with glasspack mufflers. The GT had a full size spare tire mounted in place of rear seats, making it a 2-seat-only vehicle to be allowed to race under SCCA regulations as a "sports car" , and rode on either silver-painted steel wheels or special cast-magnesium center "Cragar Shelby" 15" rims with chromed center caps marked with a stylized "CS".

Total model year production was units. For , the GT lost its Mustang tag and was marketed simply as the Shelby GT Other changes included special rear quarter-panel windows replacing the factory extractor vents, functional brake scoops on each side, and optional SelectShift 3-speed automatic , as well as an optional Paxton supercharger.

The battery was no longer relocated to the trunk for , and the over-rider traction bars were discontinued. The normal factory fold-down rear seat was optional.

While early cars had black engine blocks, and later cars had their engines painted the regular factory Ford dark blue. The models came with a dual-exhaust exiting in the rear.

The first GTs for began as Mustang K-Code Fastbacks. These cars were specifically ordered by Shelby American for conversion into GTs. Upon delivery to Shelby-American, the cars were randomly picked for conversion.

The Shelby VINs do not correspond in numerical order with Ford VINs. The Ford VINs were shipped in 'blocks,' but many differ significantly because of the order that they were selected for conversion.

Total production for was 1, fastbacks, including two prototypes and four drag cars, and the early production models with Ford Mustang bodies.

In order to help Shelby sales, Ford, the major shareholder of Hertz , persuaded the rental car giant to purchase 1, fastbacks, including two prototypes.

The first 85 Hertz cars were available with four-speed manual transmissions and Hertz advertised them as "Rent-a-Racer" cars. When the Hertz cars were returned to Ford to be prepared for sale to the public, the high-performance parts were often "lost" presumably at the manufacturer before final sale.

For , the GT carried over the K-Code high performance with a 'COBRA' aluminum hi-rise. Documented plans to introduce a convertible mid-production year were shelved due to supply, production and financial problems that happened as soon as the first cars started to arrive at Shelby's Los Angeles facility in September.

By October , Ford took control over engineering and purchasing. Smith was tapped to fix the fiberglass fitment [17] and quality problems.

Six months later, in May , the decision was made to terminate the California-based Shelby operation. On August 18, , a small staff, along with the remaining engineering cars, was sent to Ionia.

The small staff of the newly formed Shelby Automotive, Inc. For , the Cobra name was applied to both models, and they were now marketed as the Shelby Cobra GT and the Shelby Cobra GT It produced HP with the high rise intake but was not equipped with Shelby headers in order to make room for power steering.

The early GT used the Shelby installed Police Interceptor with a single four barrel carburetor rated at HP.

The redesign made for a heavier Mustang, along with a longer, fiberglass hood, and new front and rear fascias.

The design of the original version was evident, but these styling upgrades gave the car a more aggressive appearance and achieved Carroll Shelby's goal of differentiating his car from the Mustang on which it was based.

The separate high-beam headlamps in the grille added more character, while a thin, chrome front bumper sat below a mesh grille with the classic "Shelby GT" logo in place except for the very early cars.

The small hood scoop was there to deliver fresh air to the engine. Shelby also included new, horizontal sequential taillights sourced from a '67 Cougar in and a '65 Thunderbird in and an integrated Kamm-type rear spoiler.

Functional rear brake-cooling scoops adorned the rear quarter panels. Ten-spoke, fifteen-inch, cast-aluminum rims were the wheel choice with Goodyear white-lettered radials.

The steering wheel was a wood-rimmed and satin-trimmed design with the classic Shelby logo in the center. Behind this wheel was a very classy-looking set of gauges.

A mph speedometer and a whopping 8,rpm tachometer were joined along with a smaller analog clock, fuel level, water temperature, and oil pressure gauges.

The GT came with an iron-block, cubic-inch 4. For a pushrod design, the GT revved relatively high, with the horsepower peak not in full swing until the 6,rpm redline.

The true dual-exhaust with H-shaped crossover system came standard with low restriction mufflers and chrome exhaust tips. Power was routed to the ground through a sturdy, four-speed manual transmission with a single, dry-disc clutch.

A three-speed automatic was made available as an option. Rear-end ratios were 3. Braking duties were handled by Power assist was standard.

The front suspension consisted of unequal-length control arms, coil springs, adjustable tube arms, and an anti-sway bar.

Out back was a live axle, with multi-leaf, semi-elliptical springs and tube shocks. The steering was a power-assisted recirculating ball design.

In the ci V8 was replaced with a factory V8 using an aluminum Cobra intake manifold and Holley cfm carb.

The Shelby G. Several body parts of the G. Beginning in April , Ford began factory installing a version of the engine known as the "Cobra Jet".

The GT was subsequently known as The Cobra GT KR. The initials KR stood for "King of the Road. The GTs lost their Cobra tag for , and once again were marketed simply as the Shelby GT and Shelby GT Ford was involved with design and style decisions, with Shelby having little input.

The GT was now equipped with a cubic-inch V8. Carroll Shelby terminated his agreement with Ford in the summer of No production of Shelby GT and models was undertaken; however, unsold models were given vehicle identification numbers under FBI supervision.

The rest of the changes had to do with emissions. The GT had the carburetor modified and marked "ed" edited on tag.

The distributor in both the GT and GT was changed to a version. Although production of Shelby GTs in the USA had ceased, a total of nine "Shelby Europa" GT and GT Mustangs were produced under license by Belgian dealer Claude Dubois for the European market.

One SCJ J-code Fastback was produced, though its whereabouts today are unknown. Both convertibles are located in Finland.

All Shelby Europas were based on Mustang, none on Mustang. Previously it was believed that 14 cars were produced, but the total production number of nine cars was confirmed in by cross-check of Claude Dubois' files and Ford Factory Mustang production data.

Shelby, along with Paxton, also designed a new variant based on the V6 Mustang. Shelby also created the CS8, a 4. Ford introduced the Shelby GT-H version of the Mustang at the New York Auto Show.

Like the original GTH from , the GT-H had gold-on-black paint and was only available at the Hertz car rental agency. The package included a 90mm cold air kit, muffler kit, a new X-pipe and Ford Racing "GTA" axle-back mufflers.

The Ford Shelby GT-H also had the Ford Racing Handling Pack FR3 which included specially tuned dampers, lowering springs, sway bars, strut tower brace, and a Ford Racing 3.

A total of cars were built to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Shelby GTH. For , a convertible version of the GT-H was offered for rental at Hertz.

The 4. It is essentially a retail sale version of the Hertz rental-only Ford Shelby GT-H, except a manual transmission is available. The Shelby GT was a unique model in that, just like the Shelby Mustangs of the 60s, the Shelby GT's manufacturing was completed at Shelby Automobiles Inc.

Shelby GT's were then sold pre-title to customers. By comparison, GT models were manufactured solely by Ford Motor Company in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Production of the Shelby GT began in December and the car went on sale in January It was originally planned that a limited number of up to 6, cars would be built.

Following the Shelby GT-H convertible rental car, Shelby offered the Shelby GT as a Vista Blue coupe or convertible also in limited numbers.

Only of these Carroll Shelby signed GT-C cars were sold. Only available as a coupe, these cars were optioned like the Hertz GT-H.

These cars had Shelby serial numbers ranging from 08SGT to and they were the first cars of the GT production run for A total of units of Shelby GT coupe and convertible were named after the Barrett-Jackson auction.

They included black exterior with "Barrett-Jackson Red" LeMans Hood and Side Stripes, Barrett Jackson Edition door sill plates, black interior with the Shelby GT serial number plate, special gas cap insert, autographed photo of Carroll Shelby, Craig Jackson, Amy Boylan, and Steve Davis.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Arizona International Auto Show. One hundred Barrett Jackson Shelby GTs were built in that were black with red stripes, also available in coupe or convertible.

The Barrett Jackson Shelby GTs were sold exclusively in Arizona. Ford dealers and customers asked for a version of the Shelby GT-H.

Like the GT-H, the Shelby GT is modified at Shelby Automotive's factory in Las Vegas , Nevada , while the GTs are produced entirely by AutoAlliance International.

At the request of owners, a number of Shelby GTs were modified in various ways by Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas. A large number of add-ons could be had including the "Super Snake" brakes, as well as larger wheels and tires which were necessary to accommodate these brakes.

These include the Ford Racing Whipple and the rare Paxton superchargers. The Terlingua is a V6 Ford Mustang fitted with a Racing Team package that includes performance enhancements and modified cosmetic details by Shelby.

The package is applied by Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Terlingua features improvements to the handling with Ford Racing components, and improved braking capabilities that included Baer brakes.

Coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the original Shelby GT, Shelby American unveiled an all new GT Mustang at the opening night gala of the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ.

Presented in concept form, the new GT had a supercharged version of the brand new 5. The GT was a post-title upgrade available from Shelby.

Customers could have their Mustangs shipped directly to Shelby's Las Vegas facility to be converted or they could deliver the car themselves.

For the exterior, Shelby installed a new front fascia, front splitter, functional hood scoop, functional brake cooling ducts, tail light trim, rear deck lid filler panel, and a rear fascia with center exhaust exit.

Performance White with Guardsman Blue racing stripes were the only available color combination for models.

Two GTs were used to pace the NASCAR race in Las Vegas. They had the prototype front fascia and are now displayed at the Shelby Heritage Museum, being a mainstay for promotional materials and posters.

After being revealed at Barrett Jackson in as a celebration of the original Shelby GTs 45th anniversary, the GT made its world debut at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Ford Shelby Mustang GT was previously offered only in a white exterior color with Guardsman Blue Le Mans racing stripes running the length of the vehicle, but the model year saw two new colors in Race Red with white LeMans stripes and Kona Blue with white LeMans stripes.

These paint schemes are unique because they are not Factory paint jobs from Ford. The convertible offered a new optional light bar with other options including a one-piece drive shaft and color coordinated billet aluminum engine cap set.

The extensive body kit upgrades included a revised front fascia, side rockers with brake ducts, rear bumper, and decklid.

New taillights and custom Shelby GT badges further distinguish this special model and bring back memories of past models.

The serialized dash plate with individual numbering for each GT produced was also included. The Shelby GT delivers the same performance numbers as the model.

The addition of a Whipple supercharger and Borla exhaust system have really allowed this V8 to take on a life of its own.

An automatic transmission was optional with the naturally aspirated engine. Keeping the powerful engine under control was an upgraded suspension system designed by Shelby to give the Mustang a reduced body roll and more variability to create custom track setups.

The Shelby GTS was unveiled at the New York Auto Show , a new model designed to be attainable to the masses. It was available in both V6 and V8 form configurations.

Shelby installed new front and rear fascias, a "deep draw" fiberglass hood, black billet grille, Shelby lettering on the trunk lid and finally the signature "Le Mans" dual stripes over the top and triple side stripes with GTS lettering.

Shelby also added a short-throw shifter with cue-ball knob, a serial number plaque and Shelby-badged floor mats. The GTS was fitted with the optional inch Baer front brake system.

Only were made. To celebrate the foundation of Shelby American, Shelby American released a 50th Anniversary Edition of the Shelby GTS.

The car was based on the Mustang GT and Mustang V6, and was only available in two exterior colours, Black and Performance White. Production was limited to units with 50 being black and 50 Performance White units.

Revealed in as an upgrade kit for the Mustang GT, the Shelby GT S II was built in limited numbers and was offered in both coupe and convertible versions.

For the model year, the GT received new color options, visual styling cues, and optional performance enhancements. The Shelby GT is powered by a 5.

The engine could be combined with a manual gearbox with a short throw shifter as standard, or an automatic transmission for the naturally aspirated engine as an option.

The Ford Mustang GT from Shelby was previously only offered in a white exterior color with Guardsman Blue Le Mans racing stripes running the length of the vehicle, and the model saw the addition of two new colors; Race Red with white LeMans stripes and Kona Blue with white LeMans stripes.

The model year added even more color options in the form of Grabber Blue, Sterling Gray Metallic, "Gotta Have It" Green, Candy Red Tint Coat Metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic, "Deep Impact" Blue Metallic replaces Kona Blue Metallic , Race Red, Performance White, and Black.

These new colors could be combined with Satin Black or Gloss White stripes and a new set of wheels in Satin Black or Bright Silver Metallic.

Other styling cues for included a glass roof option, Recaro Seats, and a modified custom rear valance. Changes for the model year also included a one piece drive shaft, more powerful brakes, cooling enhancements, and a color coordinated billet aluminum engine cap set.

It was a prototype of GT used as a track demonstrator vehicle; which ended up not being used that much as anticipated. It was in the sales literature and is one of the Heritage Center show cars.

The Shelby American version of Shelby GT was based on the Ford Mustang GT. It was unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

Shelby offered a unique set of modifications for the exterior. On the base GT, it got a front splitter conversion with a GT rear spoiler and quarter glass covers.

The hood was made of fiberglass to save weight and the Le Mans stripes added some style. A separate wide body conversion with the option of rear-only or full all-around wide body wheel arches was also available to spice up the exterior of the Shelby GT.

Among other accessories, Shelby GT front fascia, carbon laminated hood louvers, billet upper grille with Ford running pony emblem and "Powered by Ford" badges on the sides completed the exterior package.

The interior of the Shelby GT had been overhauled to keep up with the latest trends. Unique touches to the interior included an A-pillar gauge pod with boost, and fuel and oil pressure gauges.

Even the standard GT conversion got the Shelby headrest covers, special GT dash plaque and engine plate. Leather upholstery in black was standard along with electrically adjustable seats.

The "Shelby GT Standard" is the base pack with horsepower. The slight bump in power was achieved by fitting a Borla performance exhaust as well as engine tuning.

The standard package also included a Barton short shifter. The base upgrade package used inch wheels, shod with BFG G-Force Comp2 tires and a Panhard suspension bar to stiffen up the chassis.

Apart from this, the standard upgrade did not offer much in terms of performance or improved handling. Of course, better tires did provide improved grip while the suspension brace resulted in better cornering.

Wilwood brakes — six-pot front and four-piston rear — for added braking performance. Eibach provided stiffer coil-over springs as well as a sway bar kit to improve handling.

Shelby American launched the Shelby GT in It is a package available for the Ford Mustang GT and is available with either manual or automatic transmissions.

According to Shelby American, the upgrades for the Shelby GT include a more aggressive style with carbon fiber enhancements: hood, rockers, splitters, spoiler and diffuser.

The Shelby Ecoboost is a Shelby GT package for Ford Mustang Ecoboost launched in The package is available in North America.

The GT EcoBoost's exterior changes are extensive. Many of the upgrades are the same as the ones found on packages offered on Ford Mustang GT.

This includes the extensive use of carbon fiber, notable in the front splitter, hood, rear spoiler and rocker panel. The Shelby Ecoboost includes a Ford Performance handling pack upgraded suspension.

Like the manual and automatic transmission V8 version, the EcoBoost version of the car is far more than stripes and a badge. The car was refined with a Ford Performance handling pack upgrade, engine tune and a throatier Ford Performance exhaust.

Shelby American launched the new Shelby Super Snake in Due to the discontinuation of Shelby GT, the Super Snake lost its GT tag, but still have some people called it as GT Super Snake.

Like the Shelby GT, it is also based on Ford Mustang GT. The Super Snake has a 5. But the car's A stock Camaro ZL1 is faster. Tuner cars such as this one lack SAE-certified horsepower and torque ratings.

In front is a carbon-fiber Super Snake hood, adorned with a forced-air scoop that rises above the central grille. The grille is also new, with a black anodized material used both in the upper and lower portions of the front intake.

Aerodynamically, Shelby added a carbon-fiber front diffuser, which is complemented in the rear by a larger carbon-fiber spoiler.

Below the wing there's more carbon fiber used in the new rear diffuser, taillight panel, and rocker panels with side-skirt aero blades just in front of the rear wheels.

The composite is also in place for the mirror covers. Finally, there's the requisite Super Snake racing stripes and external badging. The Super Snake includes special CSM badging, Shelby floor mats, sill plates, a dash-mounted gauge pod made from carbon fiber and stuffed with AutoMeter gauges, Ford Performance short-throw shifter, an upholstery upgrade, racing seats, five-point racing harnesses, Shelby valve covers, and a carbon-fiber latch cover.

Routing the power are 3. The tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport wrapped. For the first time, the Super Snake will be [ when? Under hood options include an upgraded intercooler and cooling kits for the differential and transmission.

Shelby American has for the first time provided right-hand drive version Super Snakes to the UK and Europe through official distributor Bill Shepherd Mustang, and also to Australia, introduced by Mustang Motorsport.

Shelby American offered a limited run of 50 Shelby Terlingua Racing Team Mustangs based on the —16 Ford Mustang GT in The Shelby Terlingua is Shelby American's most track-inspired Mustang and is built as a tribute to the Terlingua Racing Team and their Trans Am Championship.

Modifications for the Terlingua include a Whipple supercharger mated to the new Mustang GT 5. The Terlingua also includes Ford Performance's upgrades like halfshafts, a short throw shifter and a Borla Exhaust with black tips.

The car also added the Brembo big brake kit for race track proven performance, and with 20" WELD racing wheels, tons of Shelby-designed carbon fiber components and the distinct Terlingua Racing Team badging.

On the 50th anniversary of the Rent-a-Racer program, Ford , Hertz and Shelby introduced the Shelby GT-H.

Based on the 5. Beginning Memorial Day, Shelby GT-H's are available for rent as modern-day "Rent-A-Racers" through the Hertz Adrenaline Collection at select U.

There are several logos and emblems spread throughout the body. Shelby replaced the standard front splitter and rear spoiler with elements made of carbon-fiber.

The hood is also specially crafted with vents and a big bulge at the center, the same as the Shelby GT. The interior of the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H is based on the standard Mustang GT.

Only a few features sets the two models' interior styling apart. They include "GT-H" logos on the headrests, customized sill plates with "Hertz Shelby GT-H" lettering and a numbered plaque on the dash.

The floor mats also have "GT-H" logos. It also features a cat-back exhaust system from the Ford Performance. This specifically gives the model a throatier sound.

A "Shelby-GT-H" engine plaque is also added as well as an engine cap kit. The chassis has also been updated via the Ford Racing Handling Pack which helps deliver a race-like driving experience.

The package adds lowered springs, special-tuned dampers and revised sway bars. In January , Shelby American introduced the 50th Anniversary edition Shelby Super Snake based on the Mustang GT, and having a limited production run of units.

Shelby American introduced the Shelby GTE on August 2, Like the Shelby GT, the GTE in which the E stands for "Enhanced" is also available with either the V8 or Ecoboost engine, and an automatic or manual transmission.

The power increases come in part from the Ford Performance catalog, with V8 models getting the factory-approved Power Pack. EcoBoost models, in contrast, get a Shelby-specific engine tune.

GTEs also get the Ford Performance Handling Pack and Ford Performance Borla cat-back touring exhaust as well as Ford Performance inch wheels wrapped in.

GTE also gets its own specific hood, upper and lower front grille, splitter, rocker panels, and rear spoiler. Shelby and Ford returned for the model year with the Shelby GT Introduced at the New York International Auto Show , the GT uses a supercharged and intercooled Modular 5.

Deliveries of the Shelby GT began in May A collaboration of Ford's SVT and Carroll Shelby, the GT was produced in limited quantity for three years approximately 10, units per year on the line at Ford's Flat Rock, Michigan AutoAlliance assembly facility.

The Ford Shelby GTKR, revealed at the New York International Auto Show , was released in the spring of SVT and Shelby announced that 1, 40th Anniversary Editions would be built for the U.

This 1, production run matches that of the original GTKR. In total, 1, units were produced, with the remaining units going to Canada, export markets and military sales.

All KRs were built by AutoAlliance International on the normal Mustang production line and then shipped to Shelby Automobiles Incorporated SAI where final assembly was completed.

SAI was the manufacturer of record. The Shelby GTKR features a carbon fiber composite hood with functional scoops and vents, twist-lock hood pins modeled on the original KR, a unique carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber mirror caps, and functional brake cooling ducts.

The suspension was tuned by SVT with unique spring rates, dampers, stabilizer bars, and strut tower brace and was sourced from Ford Racing.

Unique Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires were developed for the KR with a unique compound. With the same tread pattern as the Eagle F1 Supercar tire on the — GT they can only be identified by a unique Goodyear "Wingedfoot" emblem on the sidewall.

The —09 GTKR draws on styling cues from the classic "King of the Road" GTKR model, and the model includes "40th Anniversary" badging; both years will have availability of standard GT colors with "LeMans" stripes, and Carroll Shelby signature embroidered seats.

The GTKR was prominent in the short-lived Knight Rider television reboot on NBC. One of the main new characters of the show was KITT , voiced by Val Kilmer an advanced Artificial Intelligence housed in a GTKR that was colored black with dark gray stripes, using the GTKR's hood scoops for its famous red scanner.

KARR once again voiced by Peter Cullen KITT 's evil prototype, was also a Ford Mustang GTKR, although its scanner was yellow, like its own original incarnation.

The Super Snake also comes with a variety of other performance, handling and cosmetic changes. These include badging, new gauge pod, 20" Alcoa wheels, fibreglass ram-air Super Snake hood, stripes, carbon fiber front splitter and side skirts, larger 6-piston Baer brakes , front and rear brake cooling ducts, complete track setup suspension, aluminum driveshaft, 3.

The Prudhomme Edition Super Snake is a limited units drag racing package for the — Ford Shelby GT cars, named after Don Prudhomme.

It includes a Kenne Bell supercharger, a modified air intake sticking out of the hood in the tilt front end, a five-point Impact safety harness, a Borla side exhaust system, front and rear adjustable BMR racing suspension and drag tires with optional street tires.

The side lower rockers are incorporated. The Prudhomme concept car went on sale in Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction.

For the model year, the Shelby Mustang GT was redesigned along with the base Ford Mustang. As with the —09 GT, the included unique front and rear fascias, hood with functional vents and unique rear spoiler.

The rear spoiler included a functional Gurney flap. Along with new exterior colors, customers had the option of extending the exterior stripes onto the seats.

Production was limited to units. The 5. The GT's fuel efficiency increased by 2 miles per gallon. SVT re-tuned the coupe's suspension and worked with Goodyear on 19" tires with new construction, compound and tread pattern.

Mustang Gt 350 See good deals, great deals and more on Used Ford Mustang Shelby GT Search from Used Ford Mustang cars for sale, including a Ford Mustang Shelby GT Coupe, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT Coupe, and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT Coupe. The GT is powered by a naturally aspirated liter flat-plane-crank V-8 that produces horsepower and lb-ft of torque. It was only offered with a six-speed manual transmission. Now the. The Mustang Shelby GT ® performance enhancements include improved aerodynamics that reduces drag with the new spoiler and adds downforce with new available Gurney flap installed. Other updates include new custom Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, plus chassis and antilock brake tuning for dramatically greater grip. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a powerful, high-strung muscle car designed to rock race tracks while still being at home on the street. Its special liter V-8—code-named Voodoo, with good. Save $9, on a used Ford Mustang Shelby GT near you. Search pre-owned Ford Mustang Shelby GT listings to find the best local deals. We analyze millions of used cars daily. The automaker has officially announced that the Mustang Shelby GT will not be returning to the lineup in The GTR is an even higher performance version of the GT (Ford). See good deals, great deals and more on Used Ford Mustang Shelby GT Search from Used Ford Mustang cars for sale, including a Ford Mustang Shelby GT Coupe, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT Coupe, and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 8-Cylinder. Save $9, on a used Ford Mustang Shelby GT near you. Search pre-owned Ford Mustang Shelby GT listings to find the best local deals. We analyze millions of used cars daily.

Die Konvertierung von YouTube-Videos ins Mustang Gt 350 -Format knnte hierbei die beste Lsung sein, sich mit ihrer Entscheidung anzufreunden. - Faire Preise

Mit dem PS starken Shelby Mustang Super Snake der Tuning-Firma Shelby American wurde das jährige Jubiläum des Mustang Super Snake gefeiert.


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